Some reasons to get a proper Boundary survey to locate all boundary pegs are the following:

  • Disputes as to the location of the boundary or proposed fence, with the neighbour
  • A subdivision is taking a place next door, and you want to ensure your land rights are not ignored by the neighbouring development.
  • You want to build a new fence. These can be costly so you want to get the fence on the boundary correctly located.
  • There is no clear boundary defined currently, and you want the boundary pegs marked for future work near the boundary
  • The plan attached labelled SO 540695 ( RIRO STREET) is the plan as lodged and approved as to survey by LINZ.
  • This plan becomes a Public Record when approved by LINZ.
  • So that you and your neighbour, and any other future affected or interested parties, can see exactly what work has gone on site, and the calculations and survey information back up the definition, with the government seal of approval.
  • The Licensed Cadastral Surveyor has digitally signed this plan.

A boundary survey is used to legally define and mark on the ground the site’s boundary points.

While some dubious surveyors will put in boundary pegs without a record lodged with Land Information NZ ( LINZ), it is a legal requirement under the Cadastral Surveys Act 2010 to lodge a Boundary Reinstatement Survey Plan or Monumentation Plan with LINZ.

It then becomes a public record, and will solve any boundary problems that you are having.