The background of this development, is that the old existing dilapidated villa on the site was ready for demotion. The larger section provided for 2 lots under the Unitary Plan- RESIDENTIAL – Mixed Housing Suburban zone.

Obviously being in a good street, made this development a viable proposition, for high-end but NEW REPLICA VILLAS to be built.

A special request from the client was for this development to be completed ASAP. The whole consent processes and the building of the 2 new houses was completed within 12 months.

The developers used SPACELINK SURVEYORS from start to finish.

Our experience and qualification as a Registered Professional Surveyor underpinned the ability to complete the whole project, and provide continuity to the client from one professional land development firm.

The complete list of work done by SPACELINK SURVEYORS:

  • Initial Topographical survey and Scheme Plan of proposed subdivision.
  • Assessment of Effects report, including the neighbourhood and residential character assessment.
  • Concept design of extension to the public stormwater reticulation in the street.
  • Land-Use Consent and Subdivision Consent application compilation
  • Section 92 information and negotiations with Auckland Council planner and development engineer ( DE)
  • Setting out the 2 new dwellings and Siting Certification
  • Height to Boundary field checking and Certification for the Resource Consent compliance
  • LINZ lodgement of the survey information for the 2-lot subdivision, including pegging all boundaries.
  • As-Built of new Public Drainage
  • Section 224c application to Auckland Council and liaison to have this issued by council